Richness of items in one place

 The educational catalog presents in one place a wide variety of content items from the educational world, in purpose to raise the use of digital environments in schools, and to expose the audience to information which could be found in different websites so far.


In the catalog you can found:

  • Learning Content - including digital books, VOD library and digital education contents.
  • Distance Learning - where you can find lots of lectures and courses in different subjects.
  • Tools And Resources - including digital tools, school portals and other relevant resources.
  • Online Environment – including school management, LMS, school portal, pedagogical management, communication and social networks, content environments and development tools for creating pedagogical activity.
  • Admin And Staff - where you'll find answers of exceptions committee, official answers, safety and security in schools and researches in education.


Easy and friendly search

The catalog simply and clearly collects the information which previously was spread over a wide variety of Ministry of education websites.  Now it is easier to search, find and use – from anywhere and anytime. Including full support for mobile devices and support for Arabic and English languages.

You can comment, write reviews and rate the various content items in the catalog.


The catalog enables focused search by filtering items by parameters such as:

  • Subject – by learning subject at schools.
  • Age group – divided by grade.
  • Education type – regular/special.
  • Language – English, Hebrew, Arabic etc.

And more parameters according to the displayed item such as – purpose of use, vendor name, OS compatibility and more.