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The Ministry of education (hereinafter: the office) offers the information in this online service and in the internet (hereinafter: the service) following the next conditions. The term "user" in the following text is considered as any person who interacts with the service.



By the copyrights laws in Israel, and by international conventions, the copyrights in the office publications, including the ones in this service, belongs to the state of Israel, or to 3'rd party side who allowed to the state to present their works in the websites of the office. Those copyrights are includes texts, pictures, drawings, maps, sounds, videos, graphics and applications (hereinafter: the protected material).

The user allowed making "fair use" in the protected material, by the rules prescribed by law.

Fair use includes reasonable quote from the protected material.

The quote must to specify its origin, either if it’s the office or other origin.

It's forbidden to make with the material any use which could make distortion, defect or any other change, or any other action that could make the material loose value, or can harm the dignity or the name of its copyrights owner.

Due to the copyright laws, it's forbidden to make use with the material in a way which can harm owners' proprietary rights, including copying, redistribution, retransmission or publication of the protected material.


Vendors content

The site displays content items from various vendors for public service only. This information published on the website by the content vendors and it's under vendor responsibility only.


Using works by ACUM (Association of composers and music publishers authors in Israel)

The copyrights of the works mentioned in the content are saved to the authors and to ACUM ltd.

The use of the works in the website is intended for personal and home use only, or for teaching and educating purposes only, as long as this isn't for commercial use.

It's forbidden to copy or distribute the works for any other purpose.


Communities – discuss groups – blog

The communities are a place for personal expression, to display ideas, agree, share, praise or criticize.

Along with keeping freedom of speech principle, we interested to keep fair and substantive discussion, therefore:

  •          Don't use strong or insulting language; Messages aimed as personal insults will be removed by the community management.
  •          Don't post in the community content of a commercial nature.
  •          Don't post content that might offend any organization or person, or slander them.
  •          Keep the framework of state laws.

The words of community participators are the opinions of their authors only.


Community Managers reserve the right not to allow messages that aren't consistent with these guidelines. They have the right to act according to their professional judgment; Posts that harm any users or messages that are not relevant will be removed by the community managers, at their discretion.


Using "cookies" on the site

The site uses temporary and local cookies. That is, they can contain user ID, but he will only be valid for that particular connection and just with the same exact server. Once the user closes the browser, or will go to another site, the cookies would lose their relevance. Users' privacy will not hurt, because you cannot perform cutting roaming profile with a user's prior visits. And, because the one-time roaming profile can be assembled anyway, Without the use of cookies by many statistical software.

 Please note that most browsers allow cookies planting prevention and / or alarm before planting.



The service is offered to the public "as is".

The State of Israel will not be responsible for matching the service needs of the user. Also, the State of Israel shall not be liable for errors or mistakes in the material provided by the service.

The state of Israel will not be responsible for changes made in the material provided by the user or by any third party.

The user is solely responsible for the way he uses the service.

The state of Israel will not be responsible for any damage caused to the user or any third party arising directly or indirectly from the use of the service, including damage caused by the use of applications that were downloaded directly through the service or that were activated by using the service, including applications such as Java, JavaScript, and Active-X.

For purposes of this article, "the State of Israel" includes its employees and agents.



This site contains links to other sites. The following regulations apply to the use of these links, without derogating from the other terms and conditions.

The links are meant for the convenience of the user only.

Regarding links to external sites which do not belong to the State of Israel (third party):

Unless otherwise stated in this site, the office has no legal or commercial relationships with third party sites, and the office has no control over the content on these sites.

The state is not responsible for the content of third party sites.

Links to third party sites should not be construed as an endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the State or the office linked sites, Including documents and other material therein, operators of the sites or products offered by them.

The inclusion of each link in this service, it's found that the information on the linked site suitable for the purpose of the service and the link is proper. However, it is possible that over time changes incurred to the linked website. If the user finds the site or material it linked to unsuitable, or that the link is incorrect, he asked to notify the webmaster.



Personal information given to the office through this service will be kept confidential in accordance with the Privacy Protection Act, 1981.


Official Publications of the State of Israel

If there is any contradiction or discrepancy between the material published on this service and the material in the official publications of the State of Israel, only the latter shall be deemed correct.


Contacting the Office

In case of any questions about this service, and questions about the activities of the office, please contact the office directly by e-mail or by filling out the contact form on this site.

Answers will be provided as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the application.