Humor with Howie Gordon

הרצאה מקוונת באנגלית לכיתות ה-ו

Enjoying learning English through riddles and jokes

The aim of this lesson is to enjoy acquiring the English language through fun and laughter.

Howie Gordon and will take the young learners on a journey

through funny moments in film, funny moments on the

internet and finally relate to some funny riddles from

our young participants in the field.


The Event Framework

The lesson will start with a funny song

Suggestion - Was an old lady who swallowed a fly

Old black and white movies with questions interwoven that the children have to respond to.

Add a backtrack to a silent movie with kids in the studio

Look at the video clip who is first

Have actual pupils read out jokes from students that have been sent in. Around five

Pupils vote on a “laughameter” how funny the jokes were.


What the students will need to prepare

Students will need to hand in clean jokes / riddles before hand so that we can go through them in order to record.Ideally we will choose riddles that enhance a language aspect e.g. tenses, punctuation etc. This will also create a hype around the show and help with the advertising.


Ideas for Classroom Discussion

Did you have fun?

What part of the introduction did you find the funniest? Old movies,

Can you repeat one of the riddles?

What did you notice about the (certain riddle) in terms of its grammar / language used?

Can you suggest things that couldhave been shown?

What do you think of the show?


ההרצאה התקיימה ביום חמישי, כ"א באדר תשע"ח, 8 במרץ 2018, בשעה 11:45-11:00

This event took place on the 8th March 2018 from 11:00 until 11:45.




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